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Stop whining about your rankings and read Matt Cutts blog

I love to read the Matt Cutts blog for information as well as a good laugh. Matt is a highly respected Google employee and search engine industry expert who is like a middleman between webmasters and Google. The guy tells people plain as day what they need to be doing to get their web pages to rank well. Yet, you see all these comments on his blog where people treat him like he is some kind of big bully who works for some giant evil corporate enterprise that is hell bent on taking over the world. (LOL)

They whine and complain about how they can't get Google to notice their pages. They think that somebody behind the scenes is somehow out to get them. It is some kind of conspiracy.

In reality, the one thing that these people have not done is put in enough hard work. If they would quit whining and start learning, they would soon learn what it takes to get pages noticed by people and search engines alike. But, they are just too damn lazy. Everyone wants to take the easy road.

I am willing to admit that I also would rather get more results from less work. Who wouldn't? The reality is that the vast majority of us, me included, aren't that lucky. We aren't going to get lucky because we accidently produced a piece of content that millions of internet users instantly fell in love with. It isn't going to happen.

Instead, people like us have to actually put in the hours of research, reading, studying and analyzing volumes of material before this stuff starts to make sense. Then and only then will we know enough to get consistent results. On top of all that we also have to do our best to stay current. We have to pay attention when someone like Matt Cutts speaks. You never know when he is going to slip you a little nugget of information that will confirm a suspicion you had about how Google is treating a certain variable.

If you apply what Matt has told you to do as well as use a little common business sense, you will find at least some level of success with your website project. Here are a few things that you will need to learn if you want to experience long term success.

1) Build content that people want - Use common sense here people. Don't build websites that have tons of direct competition. If you have thousands of competitors, you should probably find a way to differentiate yourself from them. Read a book by Al Ries called Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind.

2) Don't engage in spam or black hat tactics - Google is constantly finding new ways of identifying spam. Even if you find a new technique that works right now, it is only a matter of time before Google finds and implements a method to devalue your super sneaky approach.

3) If the only reason your web pages are ranking high right now is because you have used shady tactics, then in the long run your entire website will likely end up a failure.

If you want long term success with a website, you had better start trying to build quality. That is the first step. Then getting the right people to notice that you have a quality website will be a hell of a lot easier. So, quit whining about your rankings and start reading blogs, like Matt Cutts blog, that have the answers to the questions you seek.