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Getting Rank In Google

Want to learn a thing or two about how to get a website to rank in Google? There is so much information published online that it is often hard to tell which information is solid and which is not. Another thing to think about is the fact that a lot of this information has been published years ago. We all know that Google's algorithm is a constantly changing formula. As the internet evolves and new technologies are invented, Google as well as the other search engines will need to adapt accordingly to assimilate those changes. So although the information in this post is very valid today, it may be less important a few years from now. Keep that in mind when you are reading material online.

Why does Google rank websites the way they do?

For starters, you have to realize that Google is not ranking a website. Rather, it is ranking an individual page on a website. If you look at the search results on any given query you are likely to see a mix of both homepages as well as pages that are one or more layers deep into a website. This is a very fundamental concept that you need to understand. The engineers at Google are constantly trying to improve the formulas they use so that the results of any given search provide the user with exactly what they are looking for as fast as possible. This is also a very important and fundamental concept. Let it sink in. They are trying to return the best possible results for what the searcher is looking for. They know that in the long run, the most popular and widely used search engine will be the one that returns the best results to its users.

When you are building a page that you want to get ranked for a search term, you have to keep this in mind. How could your page offer the best possible answer to what the searcher is looking for? If you figure out how to do that, then you have figured out how to build a page that will be successful long term. If this information happens to be about a topic that many people search for on a daily basis, then it is likely that your page will naturally gain popularity at a pretty decent rate compared to all the other pages out there that offer the same information.

You are thinking "Yeah right. My website already does that but nobody finds it." Trust me. I know what you mean. The reason why nobody finds it is because people now actively compete for rankings. Searchers don't naturally find your page very often because there are thousands of other people shoving their competing pages in front of those searchers before the searcher ever makes it to your page. So in order to get your page noticed and attract natural links, you are going to have to do a little web page promotion. You are going to have to find creative ways of getting your website noticed by other people who would agree that the information is superior to your competition. That is the key. Once these people see that you have provided a better source for that kind of information, they are going to want to spread the word about it. Not all of them will. However, it only takes one or two of the right people to link to it and your ranking goals will be achieved.

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