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You Do Not Need A Million Links

Webmasters who are new to the field of search engine optimization often think that they need to obtain thousands upon thousands of links in order to get a website to rank well in the search engines. This is simply not true. In most cases, it is not the quantity of the links that point to a page but rather the quality of those links.

If you conduct enough analysis on your own, you will see that there are plenty of web pages out there with only one or two links that are outranking other web pages that have a lot more links pointing at them. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself.

This proves that you do not need thousands of links. The fact of the matter is that one really good link can push your ranking higher than a thousand low value ones. Plus that high quality link is likely to stay in place for a really long time instead of dropping out of the search engine's index. There is a formula at work in the equation that search engines like Google use to determine link quality. It is a fact though that quality is important.

How do you know if a link is high quality or not?

In order for a link to be really valuable, it needs to add value to the web page that it links to in the eyes of a human. You can think of it kind of like you would in terms of a human conversation.

If you are asking a computer technician his opinion about the reliability of a brand of laptops, his opinion is probably going to carry a lot of value. If you are asking someone who lives in rural Vietnam what his opinion is of a Lebanese restaurant in South Dakota, chances are his opinion won't have much value if any at all. Who cares what some guy in rural Vietnam thinks about this particular restaurant in South Dakota?

The same analysis can be applied to website links. If you get a link to your web page from someone who should know a lot about your topic, then there is a good chance that the link is going to carry substantial weight. Plus, if that person's website happens to be really popular, it is going to carry a lot more weight. Plus, if that person has a history of only giving out top notch recommendations, then that link is going to carry even more weight yet.

So, stop paying some Asian SEO firm six dollars to get you a thousand links from people who know jack squat about your business. Who cares what those people say or those websites say? I bet Google doesn't. Instead, why not see if you can develop a relationship with someone else in your industry whose opinion is actually relevant to your business. Then if they are willing to vouch for you with a good link, you will have saved yourself a lot of six dollar payments to people who don't even speak English.

Link quality matters a lot. Keep them relevant.

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