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Building Websites Can Be A Lot Of Fun

There is something about building websites that makes it a lot of fun. I guess maybe it is the same thing that makes you feel good after accomplishing some major home improvement project. You work at it diligently until you are done. Then you get to stand back and look at what you have created.

It is very satisfying. Lately I have been getting more involved with graphical projects. They take a lot longer and require a lot more creativity to produce a decent product. But, when you are done, the payoff is well worth it. Maybe not always, but often times it is.

As I look back at the websites that I helped to build years ago, I can get a good chuckle. Most of them were basic HTML sites that looked really boring. At least I can say that the content was good though. That is one thing that I am stricter on. If it isn't valuable to anyone, then why bother posting it online. God knows there is enough spam crap out there.

Now instead of building totally static sites using basic HTML, I am building ones that use PHP and a lot of CSS. I just love streamlining processes so that they save you time stamping out new pages. I have always had this sort of addiction to efficiency. I try to be more efficient in every single area of my life. Don't you?

The whole point behind this post was just to share a though with you and get you to think about how much fun it is to build websites. If you happen to be a reader who doesn't already do this sort of thing, then I suggest you consider giving it a try. I bet you will like some parts of it. It really allows you to express yourself like a painter, a musician, a sculptor or some other artist.

Deep down I think we all need to express ourselves through our work. This is one of the best ways to do that. Can you think of a better way? Then why aren't you doing it?